The Environmental Public Health Tracking Team at NH DHHS is excited to share newly developed Children’s Environmental Health Resources. These valuable resources focus on environmental exposures from air and water in the physical and built environment.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Resource Guide – This tool aids in conversations to identify actions families can take to reduce contaminant exposure and asthma triggers. It’s designed for a “one-touch” approach, allowing environmental health topics to be incorporated into regular wellness or healthy living visits.
  • Children’s Environmental Health Home Page and Resources Page – A dedicated homepage and resources page have been created to house these materials.
  • Educational Materials – A Children’s Environmental Health Magnet with a QR code linking to the resources page, and an updated “12 Ways to a Healthy Home” booklet are available to leave with families.

How to Access:

  1. Visit the Children’s Environmental Health Homepage and Resources page.
  2. Review the interactive resource guide with family members during visits.
  3. Request CEH Magnets and printed “12 Ways to a Healthy Home” booklets by emailing

Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for data-focused, one-page infographic fact sheets on Children’s Environmental Health, Asthma, Radon, and Water.

The NH DHHS Environmental Public Health Tracking Team encourages all community health professionals to utilize these resources during family visits to help improve environmental health for children across NH.

Questions or Suggestions?

Please contact Sam Harris, MPH, at the NH DHHS Children’s Environmental Health Initiative.