The NH CHW Coalition is made up of a mix of Community Health Workers (CHWs) and a variety of stakeholders. We aim to maintain a membership that is at least 50% CHWs. Our CHW membership includes individuals who are from a variety of sectors including (but certainly not limited to) public health or community-based organizations, policymakers, and more! There are many CHW employers, supervisors, and adjacent professionals who are here to stay in-the-know of all things CHW to provide their support.

Our Steering Committee

The NH CHW Coalition Steering Committee is comprised of 5 positions, with additional support from technical assistance advisors. The 5 positions are two co-chairs, two vice chairs, and a secretary. The northern and southern regions of NH each have a chair and vice chair, who all work together, providing important perspectives from all areas of the state, ensuring CHWs from all communities in NH are considered when decisions are being made. Technical assistance is currently provided by the North Country Health Consortium.

Current Steering Committee Members

Amber Culver

Co-Chair, Region: North

Community Health Worker and CHW Program Manager – North Country Health Consortium

Yosita Thanjai

Co-Chair, Region: South

Community Health Worker – Seacoast Public Health Network, Program Coordinator – Southern NH AHEC

Savanah Miller

Vice Chair, Region: North

Community Health Worker/Recovery Coach, Recovery Support Manager – North Country Health Consortium

Lindsey Boisvert

Vice Chair, Region: South

Community Health Worker – New London Hospital

Rebecca Hill-Larsen


Community Health Worker – North Country Health Consortium

Who Should Join and Why?

The NH CHW Coalition is for CHWs and CHW Allies. We welcome anyone who works or volunteers in any healthcare field or community organization and supports the work of the coalition regardless of their title.

Why join?

  • Be part of a unified CHW movement.
  • Gain new leadership skills.
  • Receive ongoing education and discover networking opportunities.
  • Be part of a healthcare solution.
  • Help promote unity among diverse populations and discover available resources.

There is no cost for membership!